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The General Knowledge Quiz, where curiosity meets challenge in the exciting world of trivia. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge across a wide range of topics, making it the perfect choice for anyone eager to learn and have fun.

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This quiz isn’t just a test; it’s an opportunity to explore and expand your knowledge. Whether you’re a trivia enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or just curious, this quiz promises an enjoyable and educational experience.

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You’ll face 20 thought-provoking questions, each offering three potential answers. Simply choose the one you believe is correct, and progress to the next question. At the end, you’ll receive your score instantly, providing immediate feedback and making the quiz both engaging and informative.

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Our quiz covers a diverse range of topics, from history and science to pop culture and more. It’s a comprehensive test of your general knowledge, ensuring that you’ll encounter questions that challenge and entertain you.

The Last Supper, mural painting by the Italian High Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci.

A Sample Question

Who painted the famous artwork “The Last Supper”?
A- Leonardo da Vinci
B- Vincent van Gogh
C- Michelangelo

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